Engine Diagnostics


If a warning light suddenly lights up on your dashboard, it’s a sign that there could be something seriously wrong with your vehicle. Let our experienced technicians take a look – sooner rather than later! Using specialist diagnostic testing equipment, they can identify the error codes provided by your vehicle’s on-board computer, and rectify the issue before it turns into something more costly.

Diagnostic testing can reveal problems with a wide range of vehicle components, including the engine, exhaust system, and brakes, plus performance issues, such as fuel injection and ignition.

Did you know..? You don’t have to wait for the light to come on before you request a diagnostic test!


The Motor Clinic offers a one-stop-shop for anyone with a vehicle need; from recovery when the unthinkable happens, to provision of a hire car or van while we get you back on the road, and fixing any dents, scratches or mechanical issues along the way.

  • We offer convenient and affordable auto repair, maintenance and hire.
  • Our fully-qualified staff are experienced in the repair of all makes and models.
  • We use advanced diagnostic software and vehicle repair technology.
  • Excellence is our standard.


The engine light has lit up on my dashboard – what does it mean?

There are many issues that can cause the engine light to turn on; from a loose cap to serious malfunction. Whatever it is, it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible to prevent the problem from worsening.

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