Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) Cleaning


A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a device fitted on the exhaust system of all new diesel-powered vehicles sold since 2009, it’s designed to remove soot and diesel particulate matter from exhaust gasses enabling them to pass increasingly difficult emissions legislation.

A DPF works by trapping soot as it passes through the exhaust system to stop it from being released into the atmosphere. As with all filters, the Diesel particulate filter needs to be cleaned regularly, this is achieved through a process called regeneration.


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My DPF is blocked to the point the car won't run can you still clean (unblock it)?

Yes, there is a very high probability that we can unblock it we can still injection clean them to break down the soot to clear the DPF while still fitted to the vehicle.

What Causes DPF problems?

There are many reasons for DPF problems but in most cases it’s not the Filter that is at fault, in fact more likely to be the victim of another issue which can be just a case of too many short journeys or another fault somewhere else on the car.

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